Poisoning in All Age Groups – Emergency Department Attendances

Rates per 100,000 population for emergency department attendances due to poisoning. Missing data points are due to counts being too small to present publicly (to prevent disclosure risks). A selection panel on the right of the page can be used to select the year of interest or to present data by Local Authority/Health Boards. The raw results and graphs can be downloaded by clicking on the download link in the bottom right. You can only download data from one graph at a time – please click on the title of the graph you are interested in to select this graph for download. 

Due to data quality issues which may effect the interpretation of these results, it is recommended these results be interpreted with a degree of caution. Particularly differences between LA/HB, which could relate to differences in clinical practice or data coding practice between hospitals, rather than true variations in injury incidence. If you are planning to use AWISS indicators in your work, it is advised you speak with a member of the AWISS team before publishing your work (awiss@swansea.ac.uk).  

For further information about how these rates were calculated please refer to the indicator report and metadata section.