Injury Surveillance Reports

AWISS staff are working on several injury surveillance reports, designed to support individuals, organisations and government officials with a remit in injury prevention, with the evidence required to make informed decisions around the prevention of injuries across Wales.

Injuries in Wales – Indicator Report

AWISS staff are constructing the first ‘Injuries in Wales – Indicator Report’.  These reports will present numerical data and graphs on injuries in a fact sheet format, to identify the priority areas for injury prevention in Wales.

3rd Edition of the ‘Wales Burden of Injury Report’  

AWISS Staff in collaboration with Public Health Wales will shortly begin constructing the 3rd edition of the Wales Burden of Injury Report. The WBOI reports estimate the extent of the injury burden in Wales and enables costs to the NHS to be computed. The ultimate goal of the WBOI report is to act as a driver for greater injury control focused activity at national, health board and local authority levels.

The 3rd edition of the WBOI report will contain an additional EDDS data quality section, highlighting the key quality issues effecting certain ED departments.

Previous editions of the WBOI report can be accessed at the following link: 

Child Injuries Needs Assessment

Public Health Wales have commissioned Swansea University to conduct a child injuries needs assessment, by examining child injury incidence and patterns in Wales, and comparing the evidence base of effective interventions to those initiatives and services which are currently in practice in Wales.  The report focuses on 4 key areas of child injury: injuries in the home, road traffic injuries, self-harm and assault.  AWISS analysts are conducting the epidemiological analyses for the report, by calculating death, hospital admission and ED attendance rates by the following breakdowns: mechanism of injury, age, gender, deprivation level, Health Board, and year.   The report is due to be delivered at the end of September.