International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics and Methods (Injury ICE)

Injury ICE is a global collaborative working on comparability of injury statistics and methods. Its secretariat is supplied by the US National Centre for Health Statistics, a component of the Centres for Disease Control and prevention (CDC). The Steering Committee is drawn from experts across the world, including the World Health Organization. Professor Lyons has chaired the ICE Steering Committee since 2012. ICE has an established work programme using parallel and linked datasets to support the development of methodologies that underpin national and international efforts at injury control.

At a recent ICE meeting, it was agreed AWISS would support the development of an ICD-10 ‘Trauma Mortality Prediction Model’ in collaboration with ICE members Professors Osler (University of Vermont) and Professor Cook (University of Arizona).  This work aims to replicate the trauma mortality prediction model which was developed by Osler et al. using ICD 9 data. Currently there are no easy to use, or affordable tools available to measure the severity of injuries using ICD-10 in UK and across the world.  If an ICD10 version of the ICD9 based trauma mortality prediction model (TMPM), developed by Osler et al, could be developed it would have considerable functionality within the NHS, including facilitating: evaluation and continuous quality improvement of trauma care; evaluation of the population impact of reorganization of trauma systems; evaluation of preventive strategies, e.g. has the road safety strategy reduced the severity of injuries. This work is currently underway; the datasets have been created and the modelling process has begun.