Mortality Data Set: Redistribution of the X59 mortality code using linked data, and the impact on Years of Life Lost (YLL) calculations

The ICD-10 X59 cause code (unspecified) is prevalent in mortality datasets.  The GBD study used proportional redistribution to allocate deaths coded with the X59 code to other causes by age and gender.  Redistribution was performed to allow for these deaths to be included in the calculation of years of life lost (YLL).  However, the validity of the redistribution method has not been fully validated.

The aim of this project is to link deaths registry, EDDS and hospital admissions data to establish the prevalence of X59 coding of deaths and, the impact on Years of Life Lost (YLL) estimates resulting from different redistribution methods. Three redistribution methods will be explored:

  • Age and gender proportional redistribution
  • Secondary cause of death (nature)
  • Proportional redistribution by nature of injury

The X59 analysis will be based on both Welsh and English data.  The Welsh analyses are complete, but we are currently waiting for updated English data to run the analyses on.